Who is the Moxie Saboteur?

Mar 12 2018

Who is the Moxie Saboteur?

The last episode I talked about our Saboteur that slows up in our lives and I’m going to continue today and the next couple episodes.


So, The Saboteur is actually the ugly cousin to the Imposter.


Where the Imposter shows up to tell us we aren’t good enough or worthy enough, the Saboteur shows up when your mind is weakened – you are tired, drained from the day, just waking up, times when you haven’t taken care of yourself as you should, and even influenced by that glass of wine.


The Saboteur’s job is to trip up our Moxie.


She will tell you little lies which with a tired or influence mind, make perfect sense and you begin to believe what she tells you.


Can you name times when you’ve done or believed things that you know isn’t your best decision or best yes?


Then your excuses begin. That’s the Saboteur’s nature and goal.


She will have you fooled into thinking she is true, trustworthy and an ally.


But secretly she works from the inside out to sabotage any good you have accomplished already. She will have you believe the conversation in your mind are truths – but the reality is they are actually lies and will begin to mount up as obstacles standing in your way of succeeding.


She will lure you into temptation with words and mental images that offer your feelings and weaknesses the path of least resistance, a path that only holds you back from making progress in just about any area of your life in which you know you need or want to make progress. And the closer you are to succeeding or having momentum, the harder she will work to justify her lies. She gains strength and boldness by having you think you are helpless against her.


The Saboteur will always give you excuses such as “this is just how I am” or “I’m not a morning person”, “I can’t help it” “I have no self-control when it comes to (fill in the blank”.


So, I ask you, is it really the case or are you simply listening to her and taking the path of least resistance? And if you are listening to her, do you find yourself regretting each time you give in to her? See, she is not a friend, she is your Saboteur.


I challenge you this week to really notice when your Saboteur shows up to lead you astray. Make notes about how you feel, time of day and what the challenge was you were facing. If you listened to her, how did that work out? Are you making progress or feeling held back and regretful?


Next week we will dive into the saboteur and how she affects your life, prosperity, and goals. By keeping track of when she shows up, you will have a way to fight back.


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Cheryl Kaiser