What the hell now?

Feb 07 2018

What the hell now?

Life had pivoted….


I can trace it back to 2011. Everything just changed somehow, and I didn’t understand why or how.


After attending a women’s Christian retreat, my heart changed. I was more at peace somehow. I even felt different.


A month later, our daughter and only child, graduated high school. She was excited for her future and we were excited for her.


While all happy occasions, and I felt prepared – something was just ‘off’. I couldn’t figure it out. I felt lost somehow.


I surmised maybe my hormones were to blame  I was 47 and now I needed something to change.


I felt like I was just floating through my life now, not understanding why I was so ‘blah’ about the things that used to excite me – what the hell was I looking for?


Then everything began to change.


I began a group business-coaching program in 2013 for photographers. It was a lot of work and I poured myself into it – SOMETHING had to make a difference for me!

The program opened my eyes to my thinking and perception of my business and myself.


My life would never be the same.


Within the first two months of this 6-month program, with a renewed heart and new vision – I completely reinvented my business and never looked back.


This new vision made me, for the first time, feel excited and brave at a time when I had no real strategy yet, only the vision. So I invented a business concept that truly served my client and honored my life-long passion for my craft. This gave me the feeling of freedom and a rekindled purpose – for the moment.


True to my nature, I soon began to ask myself  “Ok, what’s next?”


I began exploring how I could push myself further personally and began to look for deeper clues about who I was and what would really ‘light me up’. I also gained insight from conversations with friends, family, and clients.


Soon after, I discovered a love for something I had been doing all along – connecting with people. My goal all along was to make an impact in some way, on every person I interacted with. In April 2016, like a lightning bolt – the next ‘what’s next’ was answered and I didn’t know I was looking!  There was no ignoring the pull of the call to become a women’s coach. And instantly, I felt fulfilled. Again!


This journey is a process of growth. Something that never really ends. In my case, this calling has grown deeper to include helping women figure out their “what’s next”. To help them navigate the murkiness of figuring out what it is that they are seeking. It’s what lights me up.


The steps of discovering what’s next


  • Realizing that you are asking yourself ‘what’s next?”. It might be the result of the kids leaving the house; it might be how your career isn’t as satisfying as it once was, you may be looking for some adventure. Most women would be afraid to make a change. But having the Moxie, can-do mindset will make you unstoppable – and what a ride it will be! (and might I remind you that you have a tribe of Moxie Sisters to support you!).
  • Exploration. You may not know what you are seeking. Begin to explore by paying attention to what lights you up, what drives you crazy and especially, your heart; it will lead you to understand who you’ve grown to be.
  • Discovering your vision.  It may not happen overnight. But your new vision and purpose are already inside you. You were born with it. Think of it as a scavenger hunt for clues. We are in a new stage in life, things have changed, we have changed. And it’s good. You have grown into yourself and who you are as a woman. Your vision for ‘what’s next’ and listening to your heart and that still, small voice inside you will reveal your strategy and next steps.
  • The steps and motion. A new vision may be overwhelming – like looking up at the peak of a mountain wondering how the hell you are going to get THERE. Well, just look in front of you and start. Take it a step at a time. There will be moments you are making great progress, and then times you feel as if someone put a huge obstacle in the way. When this happens, it’s important not to LET it stand in your way. Don’t give it too much attention making it more powerful than it is – just push through over or around it.


And you will fulfill your “what’s next“. 


And when you get there, enjoy the view. You are a bold, Moxie woman so celebrate! Know too, it won’t be long before you begin to ask yourself “ok, what’s next?”!


Helping women like yourself to PURSUE their ‘what’s next’ is my passion and my calling. Now, I’ve taken this journey and put it together into a program. My intention is for you not to spend the years I did, searching for some unknown. Your ‘what’s next’ doesn’t have to be a big, life-changing vision, it could simply be something to better yourself, to level-up in some way but maybe you aren’t sure of what or how to do it. Maybe you just need encouragement and a nudge to get started and the support to keep going.


My ‘what’s next’ was to listen to my heart and discover the steps I took to help and impact others – including you. What would your life look like if you discovered and fulfilled the vision for what you are seeking?

  • Have you had your life pivot in a way that has left you wondering ‘What the hell now?’.
  • Are the kids out of the house and now you are looking for a new sense of purpose?
  • What have you been content with now leaves you searching for something more or different?
  • Do you find it’s time to dust off long forgotten dreams and take a risk?
  • Do you have dreams and plans but aren’t sure where to start?


If you answer yes to any of these questions – you are ready for the 6-week program “Pursuing Your ‘What’s Next'”. It’s about teaching and supporting you to turn your ‘what the hell now?’ to the vision, pursuit, and fulfillment of ‘what’s next’.


During this program, you will learn –

  • How to explore and discover your new vision for your ‘what’s next’,
  • How to create the steps and strategies for momentum
  • How to move mountains when they stand in your way and fulfill your vision!


This 6-week course is packed with value, and I am committed to helping you with your ‘what’s next’!


So, what’s next?


The ‘Pursue Your What’s Next’ pilot program, a maiden voyage.

I’m  bringing together a group of women who are ready to commit to making a change in their lives be part of the pilot – would you like to be part of it?

If you are ready, you can find more information at Pursue Your What’s Next. 

Are you ready to pursue YOUR What’s Next?

You are also welcome to join in the live streaming workshop on February 13th at 12 PM EST. Register here!




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