Silencing the Saboteur

Mar 26 2018

Silencing the Saboteur

We’ve talked about how and in what areas the saboteur shows up in our lives. We know it affects our personal life, business life, and our success.


The voice of the saboteur gives us excuses and justifications for not doing what we know we should do and it puts us in the position of feeling incapable and helpless which leads to being stuck, held back, and like we are standing in our way.


Quieting the saboteur’s voice can be difficult. The more ingrained in our thinking it is, the more difficult it will be to silence it.


It is possible though, with discipline and flexing the voice of your Moxie!


First, is recognition.


When you find yourself thinking the opposite of what you know is the right thing to do – stop. That’s the saboteur’s voice, and you know better than to listen – you have more Moxie than the saboteur. It is just trying to make you weak and held back, and it wants you to be a coward! But you aren’t! So recognize that voice and all the little excuses it’s fooling you with.


When faced with the saboteur’s nudging voice, you need to stop and trust yourself and trust your heart.


You are not helpless, and the direction the saboteur wants you to go is toward its ugly cousins – self-doubt and the imposter. And it’s a short trip.


You are not helpless, and you are capable. If you know what you should do, then you are also capable of doing it and succeeding.


This is the point when the internal Moxie voice which drives you, needs to be louder.


Remember you will not ever regret doing what you know you should do, but you will always regret listening to the saboteur.


When you flex your moxie and listen to your moxie voice, you slowly will silence the voice of the saboteur because it knows it has no power over you, your moxie is stronger than it!


When you listen to the true voice of your moxie, you will succeed!


Next – Repeat! Repeat the steps in every area of your life where the saboteur shows up.


By recognizing the saboteur, then flexing your moxie voice over it with discipline, you will find you are living more fulfilled, making progress towards your dreams and goals, and no longer feel like you are standing in your way. You are the living as the strong woman with Moxie you are meant to be!


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Cheryl Kaiser