6 Ways of Knowing You Have Moxie

Jun 28 2017

6 Ways of Knowing You Have Moxie

The first question people ask me is “what does it mean to be a ‘Women with Moxie’?; the second is “How do I know if I have Moxie?”. I can assure you if you are asking or even generally wondering, you have Moxie.

Moxie lies within each woman, some have had it awakened after it being dormant, others have known it and even relied on it throughout their life, and yet some have it and don’t think they do.

There is also some misconception about the meaning of the word ‘Moxie.’ ‘Moxie’ has several meanings – all of them good.  Webster’s dictionary and Dictionary.com have three different meanings (combined): 1.energy, pep, vigor; 2.courage, determination, nerve, aggressiveness; 3. know-how, proficiency, savvy & skills. Just for starters (and yes, Moxie is also a soft drink). Moxie is the sign of a strong woman – like you.

Here are 6 ways to know you have Moxie. 

1. You are no longer content with how things in your life (your status-quo). 

You have been content, but now you are facing some new challenges or a new season – you are asking new questions about even the simplest things in your life. The kids are out of the house, and you are looking at doing something for yourself now, or maybe you aren’t enjoying your career – what was once fulfilling, now isn’t. You are wondering what’s next. This simple curiosity is the best sign you are ready to Discover Your Moxie!

2. Have you done something or found yourself well outside your comfort zone?

 Maybe you had to give a presentation and faced a fear of public speaking, or you realized you just did something completely “out of character” – and it wasn’t as you feared. Congratulations, you’ve discovered a new level of your Moxie!

3. Do you have a secret item on your bucket list?

Is there something that looked like it would be fun, and the chill of excitement passed through you at the thought of trying it yourself? Perhaps the whole idea of breaking away from others’ expectations excites you?  Well, lady, you have Moxie – and it’s time to break through that barrier!

4. Did you ever find yourself thinking or saying ‘Hey, what about me? I can do that too!’ …just to prove you can and you refuse to be left out?

 Yea, you have Moxie, and you’ve been using and living it more than you think, it’s time to own up to it and shows you aren’t about to be left out!

5. Have you been met with looks of surprise because people didn’t expect you to be willing/good at/capable of something?

 Own it, girlfriend, you have Moxie! Those looks and reactions from others are fun – so go ahead and thrive on the unexpected, surprise them all and see the new level of respect you receive because of your Moxie!

6.Have you been complimented on skills or something that you didn’t think was special or out of the ordinary?

We often become trapped longing to have certain skills like someone else. But the truth is, you have special skills that others wish they had! The compliments you hear the most often are an indicator of your strongest talents. Don’t overlook them. Instead of concentrating on skills that aren’t your strength, focus on the skills that ARE your strengths! That, my friend, is a big part of your growth in your Moxie.

Moxie is as much about looking back as it is about moving forward. It will show up differently for each of us, in many different ways and at different times. We are a product of our history – our different experiences, backgrounds and interests, and what we focus on. So do some self-exploration into your past, discover the times you exercised Moxie or maybe when you held back your Moxie. Journal your thoughts.

Being that Woman with Moxie is now a matter of discovering how you would define it. The next step is owning it and moving ahead living a full Moxie life that brings impact to everyone around you.

So what defines your Moxie? Post here; I’d love to read about it! If you are ready for the next level of your Moxie journey – contact me and let’s work together.

Are you ready to Discover, Own and Live YOUR Moxie – join the conversation and become part of The Moxie Sisterhood

Cheers!   Cheryl

The Moxie Maven

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Cheryl Kaiser