10 Steps to Answering the Call for “What’s Next” as an Entrepreneur

Jul 02 2018

10 Steps to Answering the Call for “What’s Next” as an Entrepreneur

You are looking for something more. A change.


Whether the mindset is the result of mid-life discontent in the career you’ve had as an employee or as mid-life burnout in the business you’ve been passionately and successfully building, all you know is something has to change.


We are Moxie women; we don’t sit still well, we are always wondering what’s next, what else we can do to challenge ourselves, to make an impact and be better, bolder women.


We are the women who are the “go-getters” and the ones that get stuff done. How many times have you taken on just one more project because a friend knows you’re the person to do it? Sometimes driving yourself to near-exhaustion and/or overwhelm?


And when we don’t have a full schedule, we wonder what’s wrong.


Now there’s a sense of much-needed change on the horizon, so we can get off the “treadmill” that has become our business life.
But where to start? And how?


Here are 10 steps to get you started.



“Let your dissatisfaction be your motivation” Cheryl Kaiser

1. Decide.
Decide to make a change. If you are unhappy and are passionate about starting that side-hustle, taking the side-hustle full time, leveling up to reignite your passion for your business or even change your business completely – no matter your desire – it begins with the decision to start.


If you aren’t committed to making a change, then you probably are more satisfied than you think. But the moment you decide to take a stand is the beginning of something amazing and potentially fulfilling.


2. Listen to your heart – what is the right thing to do?
Finding possibilities and answering the call of what’s next, begins with listening to your heart. Just stop and listen. Your heart knows the real answers. Do you really want to start that new business or side hustle, or do you merely need to reinvent or reignite your passion for what have now? This is an excellent place to start. It’s worthy of reflection and prayer.


Be aware that if you find yourself operating in your head and not your heart, your mind will talk you out of change because it is hard work. That’s when the excuses show up, the procrastination or your mind may disguise excuses as “reality”. Be assured that simply by your having thoughts to change is an indicator it’s needed, you are ready and you are able, so be aware of what your mind is telling you. Is it an excuse or a trick to derail you?


3. Embrace and Explore
Exploring your life and what things have shown up over and over again, the times you know you are “in your zone”, and your interests are just a few indicators of what your next move could be and possibilities are.


The indicators you’ve explored, and how they blend with your life goals, your personality, strengths, Moxie style and values will help you embrace what is possible. With the time you spend exploring and embracing your dreams will reveal what’s next for your business vision.



“I’d rather hustle 24/7 than slave 9-5.”

4. Determine the need and make goals.

You may have a great business idea, but is it? This is when the research is vital. Thinking “everyone will love my idea/product” is not an ideal plan and rarely successful.


Understand who exactly your ideal client will be. Start a conversation with people who fit that description to see if there is real interest. Learn about them and their lives. Listen to them. Then compare their needs with your business idea, will they want how you serve and solve?


With this information in hand, you can begin to formulate your business goals based on the market.


5. Design and Map Your Plan.
Now, the difficult, but most rewarding work begins.


Knowing and understanding your goals for your life, your new or reinvented business, and your boundaries it’s time to map out your plan, to design what’s next. Now you can create a business that is in alignment with your goals and your client’s too.


Now you will map out your strategy, the resources you need, your timeline, and every step that will bring you to achieving your goal of a new or reinvented business.



6. Get the help and guidance you need.
A Board of Directors sounds so formal and corporate, but it doesn’t have to be.


A Board of Directors is a group of people, varying backgrounds, interests, and talents with a common interest in a company. Your Board of Directors can be a combination of mentors, friends, and family that you can turn to for guidance in their area of expertise.


As a business owner, you shouldn’t do this alone.



7. The Moxie to flip negative to positive.
At this point, your heart has had its say, but your head is beginning to take over. This thinking comes in the form of fear, excuses and procrastination and other work of the imposter and saboteur.


If you find yourself thinking any negative thoughts that you feel have you ‘standing in your own way’, flip those thoughts and ask yourself in a positive way – Instead of saying “What if I fail?” flip it to “What if I succeed?”. More exciting a thought isn’t it?


By having the idea and excitement about the thought of starting or reinventing your business, it’s meant to be, and you have the Moxie to do it. You were born with all the tools you need!




“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” Jim Rohn

8. Doing it.
It’s time to flex your Moxie and take your Design from a concept and steps written on a piece of paper – to fruition. It’s time to step out.


Achieving is a unique recipe that includes ingredients you already have – courage and determination (you have gotten this far!), strength (that’s a given), ambition and grit (look at all the other things you’ve accomplished in your life).


Next, mix in self-accountability and discipline, the wisdom and guidance of your Board of Directors, knowledge of your market, and knowledge of your financial health. Add the support of someone who can help you keep your momentum and who can encourage you around any obstacles and challenge you to be your very best, such as a mentor or coach, and you will have a recipe for an impactful and fulfilling business.


You got this.


9. The support.
It’s easy to dream that everyone will support you. But the fact is, often those you know and love may not be on the same page, and potentially discouraging – often disguised as being for your own good or your protection. When a spouse or best friend isn’t “on board”, know too that many times they are fearful for themselves.


Many people are not “wired” to be entrepreneurs. They go to work, clock in and out and spend the day doing their job. There is nothing wrong with that but being an entrepreneur can be confusing to them, they don’t quite understand why someone would want to be a business owner.


When you feel unsupported by those closest to you, it is important to build a network who will. Start in The Moxie Sisterhood – we are all there for each other, find other women entrepreneurs at networking events or on forums, people you can build a connection with both inside and outside your industry or geographical area.



10. Achieving.

Staying on course is essential, and flexing with change is just as important.


Continue to evolve as a business owner and as a Moxie woman. Don’t stop learning and investing in yourself – the woman behind the business and the business itself.


You know how fast times change, by leveraging all the things you do best – not sitting still and driven toward what’s next, you will find you, and your business will evolve and be successful!


So what is your What’s Next? A new business or a reinvented one? Post below and join us in The Moxie Sisterhood Facebook group!


If starting, reinventing or pivoting a business is in your plan, I can help you with that. No matter where you start from – Embracing to Exploring to Designing to Achieving – my signature “What’s Next” coaching will walk with you and challenge you to reach your Moxie success. Learn more about Moxie coaching here and let’s talk about how I can help you, schedule a free Moxie [em]Power Exploration Call and let’s make your new or reinvented business a reality!

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