Perseverance through the storm.

Oct 31 2012

Perseverance through the storm.

It’s just a grimey, ugly, to-the-bone cold day in N.E. Pa.

Hurricane Sandy made it’s way through just 2 days ago and by now there really aren’t any leaves left on the trees.

As I was driving to the studio this morning my eye was caught by this bright colored tree. It wow’d me. This small tree¬†was trying hard to hang on to those leaves. I drove another 1/2 mile or so and decided that there was some metaphor in that tree.

“Great perseverance”.

How that tree hung on to its leaves through the storm! It stood it’s ground, refused to give in to the forces around it and came out the other side standing beautiful among all the other trees around it. What is different about that particular tree that there isn’t any other nearby like it?

I’m not eloquent with this kind of thing, but I have thought about that tree all day. It made me think how each of us needs to stand strong like this tree, our roots firmly embedded in faith and with God’s strength, we can weather any storm without fear and we will come out of it better, stronger and more beautiful.

What storm are you weathering? Hang onto your leaves and stand strong and you will come through with beautiful color – God’s got this.

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Cheryl Kaiser