Mother’s Day Portraits – Concierge style!

Mar 17 2015

Mother’s Day Portraits – Concierge style!

Giggling, one by one the two girls came through he front door, followed by mom. “Nia’s” house, as the girls call their Grandmother, was the determined location for the Mother’s Day portrait session, something that is a tradition here in the greater Scranton area and printed in the Mother’s Day edition of the newspaper. They peeled off their pink rain coats and Ruby was quick to show off sparkly silver shoes that looked so cute with her pink and black outfit.

Cheryl Kaiser Fine Photography concierge location 3

Waiting for the start of the session and telling me about skiing.

I had been looking forward to seeing them and explained how I knew they were going to wear pink and wanted to wear pink too, but the best I could come up with were my pink and white socks. We laughed and continued with the inventory of what Ruby was wearing that was pink besides her sweater. Older sister, Ava looked on to see what I had been doing. The “studio” in Nia’s living room was almost ready for their Mother’s Day portrait poses. ¬†While I had photographed them on location a couple times, this was the first time they were experiencing my concierge-style studio for indoor portraits.

Knowing the color theme ahead of time, I had selected the white “drapey” background, one of my favorites, it would be a perfect compliment for the outfits they would be wearing.

Ready for portraits!

Ready for portraits!

I finished the, a 4-light studio setup and the background which took about a forty minutes to have ready. In the meantime we were waiting for the girls’ Great Grandmother – “GiGi” to arrive. We were going to be doing a 4 generation portrait and a couple other combinations. As I finished setting up, I spied a chair and an ottoman that would work perfectly for posing the group. Once everyone was ready, we got right to work as their Great-Grandfather supervised from the sidelines. First, the five of them together, then the girls with Mom and then with GiGi and then Nia. The session went smoothly as expected, with cute smiles and a twinkle in the eyes.

Cheryl Kaiser Fine Photography concierge Mothers day portrait generations Cheryl Kaiser Fine Photography concierge Mothers day portrait

I’ve been blessed to have photographed the girls since Ruby was a newborn. Knowing each other makes it so enjoyable. I have an opportunity to find out what the girls are doing in school and all the things that they are excited about, and have catch-up time with Mom and Nia as well. It makes me feel like part of the family.

As I took the photographs, a recently acquired transmitter allowed the camera to download directly to my iPad on a nearby table as I took each frame. ¬†Photographing in this fashion allows the client to review the images immediately without having to use a laptop, just one way of streamlining the efficiency of being in someone’s home or office. In this case, selecting the pose for the Mother’s Day newspaper deadline is the priority. With schedules being busy, we set the traditional screen-share Selection Appointment to decide what finished portraits and groupings they would like to order.

Packing up my equipment gave me a chance to talk to the girls some more and have some laughs with their Great-Grandpa. The girls helped me pack up and what a great help they were! With equipment loaded back in the car and the furniture replaced to its rightful spot,  it was time for good-byes. A session well done. I love being a Concierge Photographer.

Being a model is tough work!

Being a model is tough work!


During the session I took some fun shots to share in addition to the portraits. Enjoy!

Cheryl Kaiser Fine Photography concierge location family Cheryl Kaiser Fine Photography concierge great grandparents

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