A Love Story

Love at Maiolatesi Wine Cellars
Feb 18 2015

A Love Story

It was a beautiful summer day, a few clouds coming across but the view from the winery was perfect. The golden sun was lowering in the sky but shining brightly through the clouds. Perfect.

My phone rang a week earlier. My friend (and a client) called, gitty with excitement and asked for my photography services for this particular summer evening. Her son, Garrett, was going to propose to his girlfriend at the winery.

Tears came to my eyes at the thought. I had done Garrett’s soccer pictures when he was 8 years old and his senior portraits at 18 and now a handful of years later, I’m thrilled to be part of this special evening! I was excited for my friend who couldn’t help but talk about having a new daughter in the family.

Garrett had his proposal and the setting planned. Both families were to be there ahead of he and Jolene arriving.

Being a Concierge Photographer, I made sure I asked a lot of questions and knew all the smallest details ahead of time. This would allow me to be ready for the pictures at the right time, and also to make sure everything would go as planned. I reassured her everything would be perfect and I would make sure of it. I kept in touch with the winery and my friend right up until the families’ arrival, in case there was any variation in the plans.

My husband and I arrived about 20 minutes ahead of the families to make sure we had a randomly adjacent table and that all was coordinated and set as Garrett planned. Once the families arrived, we arranged the seating for Jolene and Garrett so the families would have a good view and I could get the best photographs at the exact moment.

Perfect. We were ready and waiting only for the loving  couple.

My camera you wonder? Well I packed my camera in a large purse and hung it on the back of my chair. The camera was positioned so when I would turn at the right moment I would let my hand just slip my hand into the purse and grip the camera, finger on the shutter, lift and go.

The scene was set and perfect.

The families enjoyed conversation and wine tasting for a little while. From my table next to them I heard Garrett volunteer to buy the next bottle of wine for their table. That was my cue. I turned as if to see what wine he decided to get and slipped my hand into my bag. He presented the bottle to Jolene to make sure it was “ok” and her face lit up – she was speechless. Garrett dropped to a knee and opened a ring box. Everyone (including me) cried and cheered with joy as she said “Yes”.

I started their love story as she looked at the bottle and glanced at him with the ring box extended. I didn’t stop photographing the activities until we had a beautiful (impromptu) portrait of them on the deck with the waning rays of late day sunshine accenting their hair and a glow from the new bride-to-be’s face.

And they will live happily ever after.

It is such an honor to be part of the lives of my clients and to help create a visual memory of this brand new, exciting chapter in their lives. It is also why I love to be a concierge – I love to make sure it all happens perfectly as planned and do whatever it takes to make it perfect and make others feel relaxed and confident knowing the details are covered. It’s an honor and a blessing to be a concierge photographer.

Be Seen. Shine On.

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Cheryl Kaiser