“Hope Is In Bloom” a special photo session

Mar 05 2015

“Hope Is In Bloom” a special photo session

Late last summer I was asked by Happenings Magazine for an editorial photography session to be featured in the March 2015 issue. The purpose is to bring awareness to the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Ronald McDonald House and celebrate the beautiful gardens that surround the Beaumont Inn located in Dallas, Pa.

The photography was scheduled on a warm, humid morning that threatened some rain but fortunately once the families arrived the sun came out. Associate Editor Erika Bruckner and I arrived early to discuss her vision for the photographs and to plan for the various locations around the property for the photographs. This gave me a chance to plan my angles, assess the lighting and my equipment. Once the families arrived my main goal was to connect with the children as well as the parents so they would feel relaxed and comfortable with me; a vital part to working with anyone but especially with young children.

We enjoyed playing and getting to know each other in between taking the photographs. As a surprise once we were finished, we all had snacks and drinks on the patio to celebrate a job well done for our young subjects and patient parents; all part of being a concierge photographer.

I hope you will take a look through the issue of Happenings Magazine and enjoy getting to know the families and the outcome of the photography session (Cover photo; Pg. 8; Pg. 16 and Pg. 35).

And for fun, the website has a special series of “behind the scenes” and you can get a sneak-peek of what we were up to.


Happenings Magazine March 2015

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Cheryl Kaiser