Cheryl Kaiser

May 20 2016

Cheryl Kaiser

Photographer, Coach and Speaker

As an 11-year-old living in Maine, I fell in love with photography. It was a way I could make a difference in my world and for the people around me. It allowed me to connect.

After 25 years of professional and personal experience in photography and other fields, I’ve come to realize a perfect career path. Realizing that my photography not only allowed me to connect but to provide transformations for those I worked with, I discovered a love of working with women to guide them in their own transformations. Working with women on a one-to-one basis or in a group, I can empower them to discover their beauty, confidence, and purpose – or as I call it – to discover their┬áMoxie – as a trained Life Coach.

Making the most of every minute of every day, I have fun at whatever I do and stretch each day as far as I can.

Whenever possible, I enjoy relaxing, road trips and exploring brewpubs with my husband, girl-time with our grown daughter, movie night with friends, and meeting girlfriends for a long lunch and ladies’ Bible studies. Oh, and I love to travel.

Early mornings are my favorite time of day. I’ll spend as much time journaling, reading and enjoying my coffee as I can get away with.

Our house is watched over and protected by two spoiled elderly cats, Tigger and (my) Shadow.

My bucket list has many unusual things including learning to drive a tractor trailer – just to say I can.

Although I try to deny it, cars & racing are in my DNA. I love driving my 6 speed Mazda 3; was once the Ladies G-Stock, Auto-Cross Champ; and have loved my years at the track flagging or working on the grid at some of the northeast’s premier racetracks….

As a red-head, I always have SPF 50 sunscreen with me. My favorite things include being a life-learner of unusual things, cycling, snow, gardening, wine and beer tasting.

As a relocated Jersey-girl, I will drive miles out of the way to a gas station where I don’t have to pump my own gas.

Most of all I love to connect with people and strive to make their┬álife more positive in some way. I can’t wait to meet you and connect with you!

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Cheryl Kaiser