The Best Part of Being a Concierge Photographer

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Sep 10 2014

The Best Part of Being a Concierge Photographer

Family portrait with the Mustang

Girls' portrait with the antique truck

Family Portrait

Yesterday I made my fourth ride up to Christie’s house in farmland of Susquehanna County to deliver her finished family portraits.

We started her portrait journey early June with her portrait design appointment. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed some ice tea on her porch as we talked about her vision for her portraits. With adding on to her house, Christie told me how easily could just buy something to go on her wall from the furniture company but wanted to decorate her house and the new addition with her family. So we walked around, talked about time of day for the lighting so we could incorporate her home in the background but that had to also be coordinated with the afternoon  naptime. Her husband also has a few restored cars that he parked in the driveway for me to see, that she wanted to incorporate too. Works for me! I love cars, and it gave me some great ideas.

We had a couple false starts for the actual photography because of weather, schedules and sickness (anyone with kids can understand that!) but we finally had a good day to do the portraits in July. I arrived as the girls were waking up from their nap so I was all set and ready to go and to help her however I could. The girls were happy and awake from good naps and Ryan was excited to have his three girls and his cars in the portraits. (It’s this scenario that reminds me how blessed I am to do portraits. When I’m called to create for a family it’s because they want to be photographed.)  Well, as luck would have it the last few poses I took with the first outfit with the truck was done as dark clouds and thunder approached. They ran inside and I threw the equipment in my car and met them inside the house. With disappointment looming because we had more plans for the other car and outfits, I made a suggestion that worked perfectly. The girls may not be happy through a second set of outfits and being held and positioned for more portraits that day anyway, and I was going to return for their selection appointment another day. So we set up another day the following week for me to return, finish the portraits and then with a little down-time for them, I prepared their images for selection.

Girls' portrait with the Mustang

It worked out so well. I was able to show them both what the images would actually look like on the wall because I had photographed the walls she intended during the design appointment and loaded them into my selection software. Perfect.  Over the following weeks, I created her images, she selected her frames when the images came in and the excitement grew. She wanted to have me frame everything from the wall portraits to the 5x7s. It’s so much easier so she didn’t have to worry about finding the time to do it herself.

The crown jewel of the journey was yesterday. I carefully loaded all the finished, framed prints in the car, had my tool box packed and paper templates made and spent a couple hours hanging her finished images. The best was the collage I had created for Ryan’s man-cave. His beloved Mustang. We did a 20×24 collage surrounded my some detail shots, 5×7 around it. The detail shots I happened to do because I simply love the lines and designs of cars, it was something I randomly did for myself when we were done with the portraits, but it was the perfect accent to showcase the Mustang.

The time I spent with Christie and Ryan and the girls was wonderful. I feel like part of the family and it makes me so happy to see the final results on the wall and to have had the opportunity to create  her portraits. She still has a few to be hung, but the new addition isn’t quite done yet but I invited her to call me when she’s ready and I’d come help her hang the rest of them and even her other pictures as well! It’s just what family does right?

Family Portrait by the house

This is the kind of business I’ve dreamed of having and have been growing this year – as a Concierge Photographer. The kind where I can focus on each client no matter where they live, as if they are the only client – and I wouldn’t trade this for the world!


Here are the finished works, on the wall!

Finished portrait

IMAG0478       Car portrait collection

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