About Cheryl’s Photography

Cheryl Kaiser, Photographer
May 20 2016

About Cheryl’s Photography


In addition to feeding my passion and driving me forward, photography allows me to pass my gifts on to others in the form of encouragement and empowerment. A consummate professional with the heart of a servant, I find both solace and inspiration in helping to share my clients’ life stories through a tightly focused lens.


Since my early childhood, the nuances of the world around me have nourished the creative muse within. Early morning sunlight reflecting through the trees, water trickling through a stone-strewn riverbed, little ones laughing and playing…people, places and possibilities all contribute to my very authentic, personal vision.


Like many of you, I believe that giving is its own reward. One of my greatest joys is being able to witness and help preserve this very special chapter in your life. It is a genuine privilege to be invited to craft this visual legacy for you to share with loved ones and pass down to the next generation.


My objective is to redefine and raise your expectations. This is your opportunity to enjoy a highly professional yet deeply personal experience, enhanced by unparalleled service, one that will yield images you’ll share with everyone you know. I intend to be the artist who welcomes and relaxes you, your family and yes, even your pets. Featuring the “white-glove” service of a personal concierge, your portrait session will be a pampered refuge from your daily responsibilities.


One of my own most empowering moments was when I earned the designation of Certified Professional Photographer back in 2001. Achieving that milestone helped me realize my own worth, both in my craft and in my personal journey. Influenced by a love of storytelling, my images go behind the smile and beyond the pose to reveal strength, depth and the wisdom of the years.

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Cheryl Kaiser