Your Moxie Today

Aug 01 2017

Your Moxie Today

The quote above came to me this morning as I journaled and thought about the clean slate of a new day and a new month ahead. I was reflecting on some of the things I’ve done and not done over the last month, the good and the bad.

My failures where I may not have been the best woman I’m supposed to be, as well as the victories when I was completely on-track. I’m sorry for those times I was off, and am thankful I learn from them. I remember too that’s why we have a new sunrise each day. A chance to leave yesterday behind and do things better, differently, the right way, the way we know we are meant to as a woman with Moxie in this Moxie Sisterhood.

Today is a new chance, a new opportunity to look for chances to Explore something about ourselves. It’s a chance to reflect back on the day and be excited that we accomplished or handled something differently or better than we would have the day before. It could be something big or something small, but it is a discovery. Look for it…

Today is a gift, and it’s the only one we get. I laugh when I think that I will never be younger than I am today so don’t waste it. I’m encouraged by a quote by Joyce Meyer “I may not be where I need to be, but I’m not where I was.”. You are a woman with Moxie, and you may not think so, or maybe you know you have it, but with each little discovery we make about ourselves, we find a new level of our Moxie within to Declare it. It’s a building block, and we must Declare who we are and what we are capable of, today. Stop wishing or waiting for tomorrow or “someday when I..” – Declare your Moxie today.

Today we are to Live and Play in the life we are gifted with at its fullest. We are given what we Declare, and it’s our responsibility to share it with others, to inspire others with our courage, patience and the grace that comes with knowing we are women with Moxie.

We are who we are so we can have a positive impact on the world around us using what we have. It’s our privilege and our responsibility.

Embrace this day, Explore, Declare and Live it with your full Moxie!

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Cheryl Kaiser