Your Big Bold Dreams

Apr 23 2018

Your Big Bold Dreams


We know we are bold moxie women but often, there is some part of us that isn’t as bold as we know we should be, or we want to accomplish something big. Is there some part of you that you know you aren’t to your fullest potential or something you are driven to do? Is it something you don’t quite have the nerve to pursue?


Making changes and pursuing something big, can be scary. It’s uncertain, and somewhere deep down, we tend to fear rejection or failure. But why?


I’ve asked myself this on many occasions when I’ve wanted to make a change or do something waaaaay bigger than I thought I could.

Part of our hesitation or fear stems from our preconceived ideas of how things should turn out, or how things should be.


Moxie women want to do big things, do them right and with impact and if we don’t have our own clear vision from the start, we look around at others who have accomplished the same thing already.


When we look around at how others did things, we can fall into the comparison trap.


We begin to compare our talents, circumstances, and accomplishments to others’ and somehow convince ourselves we’ll never measure up. We don’t consider that the other person had roadblocks, private fears, and even failures, we only see their success. That is a false perspective.


Then there’s the second trap – our self-identity.


We are born with particular, unique gifts. What differentiates us further is our personality and life experiences. It’s this combination that makes them unique and what we are naturally good at. Often, we don’t consider our gifts as having any real importance. These are usually the things we are often complimented on, but we waive off thinking “anyone could have done it”, this is not true!


So what does all this have to do with living more boldly or pursuing a bold goal?


When we are exploring and designing what we are being called to do, listen and follow your gut feeling, your heart, that little voice, whatever it is that brought the idea into your mind. If it’s an idea worthy of pursuing, it will be something that you can’t seem to stop thinking about; maybe you are even compelled to pursue without understanding why. It may be out of character from anything you’ve done before, but it excites you at the same time. When you look back at recent experiences, you may even see clues that you didn’t notice or a talent you never considered being important before.


Pay close attention to what your heart is telling you. Look at what you are always complimented on, look at past experiences you have both in your work life and your hobbies, your talents and you will begin to connect the dots and realize your vision can be a reality. Will it look like someone else’s outcome? Maybe similar, but it will be different, it will be yours. So never compare yours with someone else’s life or career. The fact is, you are good at what YOU do and no doubt you are good at whatever this dream is you have, and you will have an outcome that is meant to be just yours.


So is big, bold change scary? Yes, but it can also be the greatest achievement and one heck of a journey – you have the Moxie to do it!


So what’s next?


I’d love to help you with Exploring, Designing and Achieving “What’s Next” for your life, business or faith. Schedule your free Chat and let’s chat about how I can help you.

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Cheryl Kaiser