There is No Substitute

May 05 2017

There is No Substitute

 At our referral group meeting today there was a substitute for one of our members. An employee who came as a substitute for the owner. She was a lovely woman, friendly and knowledgeable about her employer’s business. While she is a great substitute – she isn’t the original. She isn’t the owner. Only a substitute.

Ok, so what’s the point?

Yes, she could talk about the business, she understands it, but she doesn’t bring the passion and vision that only an entrepreneur has for that business.

I thought about this.

How often do we present to the day, to the world, a “substitute” for our true selves? We show up with just enough of ourselves to get by. We don’t show up to the moment is our full, moxie, self.  Sure, we bring enough of ourselves to get by, to get the job done, after all, we are busy and our minds are already on the next task. Being present all the time takes energy and effort. But what happens is that leaves the passionate part of ourselves, the part with a vision for life, hiding in the background already one step ahead – but we don’t show up there either.

So what happens is we wonder where the day went, how the weekend passed by so quickly and how another birthday has rolled around. We don’t even remember what we had for dinner last night!

So I challenge you.

Each day, bring all of you to each moment – the original you, not a “good enough” substitute version of yourself. Be fully present, bringing your mind and your body both into everything you do.

Being fully present is how you create an impact on others, you see opportunities, and you make memories – for yourself and others. It is how you write each chapter of your unique story. It’s how you fully live your life with Moxie.

Bring your full, moxie-self to every moment today; because there is no substitute for the true you.

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Cheryl Kaiser