The Moxie Journey

Jul 26 2017

The Moxie Journey


To ask a woman if she has Moxie or not brings one of maybe three answers. Of course, there’s the “yes, I totally have Moxie,” there’s the “no, I have none but wish I did, ” and there’s of course – “I have no idea, what do you mean?”.

Being a Woman with Moxie can mean many things, but it boils down to being the best woman you can be, the best version of yourself. It’s knowing that you did something, anything, with your best efforts. That something can be anything of any size or importance. Personally, I seem to get a burst of Moxie sometimes. When all of a sudden I feel a “Hey! What about me!?” kind of feeling. Seeing someone doing something and thinking – “I could do that – why aren’t I? But sometimes too, it’s simply a desire to be heard because I’ve realized what I have to say is as good as the other person. No matter what, it’s about being and doing my best – no excuses, no laziness.

What expectations do you have for yourself or your life? Moxie is about not just meeting your own expectations but exceeding them – to see exactly what you are capable of, and to push your boundaries in any or every area.

We were not created just to settle in and accept whatever life throws at us, or to settle on just being how others expect us to be simply because that’s what we grew up understanding. NO! Moxie is the intentional pursuit of being a better woman, knowing you have great value and owning the fact that it’s ok (actually really fun) to be different. Being teased through school for (among other things), not fitting into what “normal” girls should be interested in doing, had a huge effect in making me who I am now. At the time it was crushing and painful, and I learned to hide and had little value for myself for most of my life – but now, I’m glad I’m different! I own it and love the looks I get when I do something people don’t expect.

There are times we get comfortable, and that’s good. We need down times in our lives to rekindle our fire for life and what we deeply value, and our passion and the desire to live a life with impact.  

Ladies, face it. We are Moxie Sisters because we are doers, fixers and the busy people that everyone else comes to, to get things done. Am I wrong?

So as a Moxie Woman – and yes, we all have Moxie in some way – it’s a journey. Different for each of us, and if you are here – it’s your journey too. One of discovering what area of our lives may need just a hit of Moxie to relight our fire or the journey of discovering that we have a lot more Moxie than we realized, or it’s discovering that there is Moxie hiding within us just waiting to be coaxed out.

The Moxie Journey isn’t one start to finish path. It’s a cycle of Discovery – Owning – and Living. In different parts of our lives, we will be in each of those areas at any given time. It’s ongoing. It’s fun to stretch to new levels of Moxie and always to be making our lives even more impactful as we become even better versions of ourselves – the women we were made to be.

That’s what we will be doing during the upcoming Moxie Sisterhood webinar series beginning in September. I invite you to sign up now and mark your calendar to join in the transformational journey to Discover, Own and Live YOUR Moxie! Then, if you find the webinars helpful, then you will want to join in the six-month Moxie Sisterhood Group Journey. If you prefer to work with me privately, I have a variety of personal Moxie opportunities as well.

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Cheryl Kaiser