Realizing Transformation

Jun 19 2017

Realizing Transformation

As I read through a book for an eating plan, there were two sentences that suddenly jumped off the page at me. I stopped and thought about what they meant – not in terms of my eating (which of course it was meant to drive a point across to me) but with my twist on it – proved a different point.


If you are not challenged, you will not realize transformation.

The level of transformation you realize will equal the work you put into it. 


We all want transformation. Some of us would love to have more than one. But what we want and pray for won’t be realized if we don’t have any intention of actually doing the work. Why? Because transformation is hard work. And no one likes hard work. We are human. We naturally want to take the easy way out, find a magic “fix” to the problem or have someone do it for us. We have the information, we know what we SHOULD be doing, and we are all born with the skill to achieve what we dream about, but most people just don’t. They don’t follow through with action; rather they avoid the challenge. That leaves us to say things like “one of these days when I..” or maybe “as soon as I…”  Intentions are all well and good, but they are just pipe dreams if they aren’t acted on. 

Transformation comes with action. That new body? Hard work, a lifestyle change of ingrained bad habits, and time. That new career? Hard work in learning something new, some risk, and time. A change in any area of our lifestyle? You guessed it, hard work, risk, and time.  That’s the challenge. To stick with it, to face the challenge with a Moxie-woman attitude and not quit. 

No doubt you have worked hard through some major challenges in your life. What kept you focused even through the hard work? Was it the promise of something new and exciting – a fresh start, a new relationship, feeling better about yourself? It took hard work, and it paid off, and I bet now you look back you say “wow, I can’t believe I did it, that was easier than I thought!” – that is transformation.

Imagine the transformation we could each have in our lives and what we could achieve – what our lives would look like if we put intention behind our dreams – faced the challenges and put all our Moxie into what we say we want to do.


Transformation can be easier and more fun when we have unconditional support and guidance. That’s what I’m here for. If you would like to realize serious transformation in your life, contact me. Whether it’s working together in one to one coaching or as part of the Moxie Sisterhood group coaching, I’d be honored to guide you through to realize your Moxie! If you aren’t already part of the Women with Moxie conversation – join us!


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Cheryl Kaiser