Permission Granted

Apr 02 2018

Permission Granted

We give others permission for things that directly affect our lives.  Why can’t we give ourselves permission – it’s our lives!

We give others permission to dictate our time – by responding to emails, doing favors for friends, taking phone calls, and responding to social media. Yet we won’t dictate our own time by exercising permission for ourselves.

We don’t give ourselves permission to have “me time’ without feeling guilty that we should be doing something else for someone else.

We tend to put ourselves last, and that means we get the scraps.

We were not meant to be 100% self-sacrificial. That’s something we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel valued or loveable. How twisted is that!

We become accustomed to saying “yes” to everyone but ourselves!

Then we sit there suddenly wondering where our time has gone, why we are so overwhelmed and unfulfilled and have no idea how things got like this.

We accept a role, and while it’s a role you wouldn’t trade, it’s not our only role. Being a mom, wife, business owner, etc. – does not mean you have given up your identity. You are you.

And no one will watch out for you better than you.

Yet many times, we feel lost somehow because we don’t give ourselves permission.

So what do I mean by that? Well, think of it this way…

Today I grant you permission…

to take time for yourself on a regular basis. Yes, it will mean saying no to something or someone else. They will be ok.

Permission for that extra long shower – just turn that music up and tune out the world from under that hot water.

Permission to have a pity party and be alone when you need to, just don’t hang out there too long.

Permission to say “no,” or “not now” sometimes without guilt or explanation, in order to protect one of your most valuable assets – your time. Yes, this may include your spouse, your kids, your community, but it will empower them by finding a different solution.

Permission to discover what fills you up and what doesn’t – To learn something new and different – To go someplace different.

Permission to try something and fail, or even look foolish. Those who would judge, don’t have the moxie courage you have.

Permission to celebrate your successes.

Permission to unapologetically look out for your health, your mind and your spirit. No one can do that for you so don’t avoid it.

When you permit yourself to be YOU, and you are in a good place, you can give to others and have more to offer. And that brings real impact.

Ladies, it takes Moxie to take control of your life, and you got it.

That’s what I mean.

So what do you need to change? You have the Moxie, but will you permit yourself to make those changes? To have a good “sit down” with yourself and decide to make that change?

Consider how life will be if you do…now consider you will be if you don’t and it’s more of the same. You decide.

So, make a note for yourself of what deep down you know you need to change. Write a description of how your life will look after making that change.

How does that make you feel? Does it motivate you?

Yes, it may be hard work but hard work always pays off.

And you’ll be setting an awesome example for the next generation of young women for their lives.

Helping women make kick-butt moxie change is what I do best and I love it.  If you are ready for making successful change and transformation in your life and figure out what’s next, let’s talk.  Book your free call at –

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Cheryl Kaiser