Focus on the Possibilities – 4 Steps to Results

Oct 24 2017

Focus on the Possibilities – 4 Steps to Results

“Whatever we focus on grows larger in our eyes.” How true. I love this quote from Joyce Meyer. Are you aware what you are focusing on?


Have you noticed when you start to think “How much worse can this day get?!”, it does get worse? Or as you worry about something, it allows that ‘something’ (which will probably never happen) to become an all-consuming worry?  When we expect something, we tend to align ourselves and our mindset for it to happen. By simply directing our energy toward a negative situation brings more negativity into your focus. This type of focus not only saps our precious energy but it also steals our time. Time that we cannot get back.


As women, we SPEND so much of our time and energy focusing on understanding and questioning the negative aspects of ourselves and our lives. We get caught up wondering and analyzing our past, how to “overcome obstacles,” “get out of our own way” or fill-in-the-buzzword-here, you get the idea. We are SPENDING our time and energy focusing on an unwanted or zero return! It was this thought that caused me to stop looking backward and begin to focus forward.


How would your life change if you INVESTED your time and energy, focusing on what’s possible rather than SPENDING it on what you think is in the way? It’s a simple process, but it does take some discipline at first – but it’s  discipline you already have as a Sister with Moxie! This is one of the first topics we will be working on in the ‘Unleash Your Moxie’ Mastermind’s Module 1. 


Changing your mindset and focus can transform your life.  But it doesn’t just happen by itself; you have to decide to do it! Here are four steps you can take to change your mindset from SPEND to INVEST; from being stuck where you are, to results you dream of! Once you begin to see changes begin to happen, it’ll be easy to keep moving!


  1. The most important – change your language – inside and out. For example, instead of saying or thinking “I can’t afford this” (focusing on the obstacles), turn it around and ask “How can I afford this?”(changing your focus to the possibilities). Instead of SPENDING and remaining stuck, you can now INVEST your energy on planning how to move ahead.
  2. When you notice you are focused on what you don’t want, take a deep breath and bring your focus back around to the positive of the results you want.
  3. Before you do anything, go into any situation, have a discussion, or make a plan, take a moment to consider the positive results you want, INVEST your energy and focus on that.
  4. As you begin to plan greater Moxie into areas of your life, choose the results you want and INVEST your focus on them and plan how you will achieve it.


With practice and discipline and your Moxie, these steps will bring you return on your investment, not an empty wallet from spending. What would you rather focus on – results and positive change or negative obstacles? How can you change your focus?


If you are ready for transformation in your life, register today for ‘Unleash Your Moxie’ Mastermind beginning November 2nd.


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Cheryl Kaiser