Determining Your Special Moxie Blend 

Feb 27 2018

Determining Your Special Moxie Blend 

Moxie is a state of mind and a way of being. It’s all-encompassing in every area of our lives whether we are aware of it or not.

“Moxie is a state of mind and a way of being.”

Each of us will define Moxie differently because the confidence, creativity, and strength that we are born with are different from anyone else. Sure, there is the dictionary definition for Moxie, a standard answer, but when you define it with regard to your own life, even descriptive words will mean something different from anyone else. We each express and embody our Moxie uniquely, and it reflects in our lives differently.


There are some similarities between women with Moxie, however. Some of us, we are achievers (or over-achievers!), always in motion, and always planning. We are the ones who make things happen and are the women people seek out because they know we will get the job done.


We work hard and play hard too, and when we set our minds to something, there’s usually no stopping us – and that’s when we shine brightest! How you shine will be different than anyone else.


For example, I consider myself to have an Outgoing Moxie, so I shine and am happiest when I’m assertive, focused and tended to be fast-paced. I’m also determined. But perhaps you are a Steady Moxie and shine brightest when you are supportive and patient with others, and you bring a calming influence.

“Our base Moxie brand is unique as our personalities.”

So you see, our base Moxie brand is unique as our personalities.


While you can easily pinpoint one type of Moxie that would match your overall personality, I believe we each call on different kinds of Moxie for different circumstances. That creates your unique blend.


If we consider the Steady Moxie above – caring, patient, stable overall – but when you need to, you may flex your Moxie of determination an assertiveness in certain circumstances. Only you can bring that blend. We then grow IN our Moxie as we become aware of what we bring to each experience and circumstance.


The bottom line is – by becoming aware of these combinations, you will also come to understand on a deeper level what you are capable of accomplishing.  Becoming newly aware will allow you to grow in confidence and ownership of who you are and develop a deeper understanding of yourself.  This fantastic awareness will help you to selectively call on your blend of Moxie, at any time.


Sister, this is leveling up of your Moxie!

“Ladies, we embody Moxie”

Ladies, we embody Moxie. We are each capable of amazing things and have already accomplished much more than we realize or give ourselves credit for.


I’ve written a special E-book that illustrates the unique Moxie of several historical women. These women mostly came from a background no different than you or me (Ok, so Queen Elizabeth II is the exception), yet they brought significant change to womanhood, society, and the world. And while theirs each was a unique blend, we each have the same potential no matter our background, education or upbringing.


Today, I challenge you to discover and understand the depth of your Moxie blend. Consider the impact you have had and how much more you can accomplish. Then own it as your own. When you do, there will be no stopping you from doing anything you set your mind to!


If you would like to receive your copy of the “Historic Women with Moxie” go to, it will be included in the March 2nd edition of “The Moxie Diaries” as your encouragement for Women’s History Month!


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Cheryl Kaiser