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Your Moxie Today

The quote above came to me this morning as I journaled and thought about the clean slate of a new day and a new month ahead. I was reflecting on some of the things I've done and not done over the last month, the good...

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The Moxie Journey

  To ask a woman if she has Moxie or not brings one of maybe three answers. Of course, there's the "yes, I totally have Moxie," there's the "no, I have none but wish I did, " and there's of course - "I have no idea, what...

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A Sister with Moxie – Karen Arscott

With the first few bags of equipment at my feet and on my shoulder, I rang the doorbell of the modest, well-kept home. The door opened, and I was welcomed inside by the bright smile and big hug of Dr. Karen Arscott. I've known Karen, her...

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6 Ways of Knowing You Have Moxie

The first question people ask me is "what does it mean to be a 'Women with Moxie'?; the second is "How do I know if I have Moxie?". I can assure you if you are asking or even generally wondering, you have Moxie. Moxie lies within each...

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Realizing Transformation

As I read through a book for an eating plan, there were two sentences that suddenly jumped off the page at me. I stopped and thought about what they meant - not in terms of my eating (which of course it was meant to drive...

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There is No Substitute

 At our referral group meeting today there was a substitute for one of our members. An employee who came as a substitute for the owner. She was a lovely woman, friendly and knowledgeable about her employer's business. While she is a great substitute - she...

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Willpower, Accountability and Moxie!

To accomplish anything in life requires willpower, accountability, and your Moxie. From getting up at the sound of the alarm clock to go to work to going to the gym on a Saturday morning. Look at all you've accomplished in your life - great and small, it...

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Monday. Why do we give it have such a bad rap? Yes, it's the first "back-to-work" day after a weekend of personal time. But Monday also the first day of a new, clean-slate of a week! The possibilities are limitless.   You have the power to define and design this new...

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What are You Waiting For? Permission?

  It was eye opening. During my daughter's junior year of college she was required to take a professional practices class. Part of the curriculum was preparing her for her future by learning to set goals and outline a plan for her life and career and  identify...

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Gentle, Graceful, Passionate. A Woman with Moxie.

[caption id="attachment_2649" align="alignleft" width="678"] A Woman with Moxie[/caption] Gentle. Graceful. Passionate. Three words Mary Ann Nichols embodies. When I arrived at Mary Ann's home for her portrait session, her friendly, warm smile welcomed me in. As stylist, Alicia Kovaleski of Bombshell Studio applied Mary Ann's makeup, I put...

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